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KSPE Membership

KSPE is the membership society for Professional Engineers in Kentucky.  It is also a society for other engineering professionals who share a common set of professional values.  KSPE is currently made up of 13 chapters across the commonwealth.  There are 3 student chapters:  University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Interested in becoming a member of KSPE?  Please download the KSPE Membership Application.  This application will allow you to become a member of KSPE free of charge for 6 months.  (Please read the application thoroughly to learn how to obtain a free membership.)

Also, you can visit the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers, KSPE, which contains information on all chapters within Kentucky.

NSPE Membership

KSPE is affiliated with the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).  You can join NSPE by visiting their website or by downloading the NSPE Membership Application.  (You may also join KSPE through NSPE.)

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